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We aim to meet the specific physical needs and targets of our clients.

What we do

We are a team of Chartered Physiotherapists who work predominantly in North London and specialise in the treatment of people with neurological conditions.

We can provide physiotherapy treatment for anyone presenting with physical problems as a result of a neurological condition.

We aim to meet the specific physical needs and targets of our clients; therefore, whether requiring a course of treatment or simply assessment and advice, we are happy to help.

Assessment and treatment sessions can be arranged at home, in the surrounding community or at our St John’s Wood clinic.

In addition we offer two types of class for people with Parkinson’s Disease; a twice weekly online class and a weekly face to face class at Jacksons Lane in Highgate.

One to one treatment sessions

Assessment and treatment sessions can be arranged at home, in the surrounding community or at our St John’s Wood Clinic.

At your first appointment we will discuss what has happened, what physical difficulties you are experiencing and what you aim to get from physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will then want to take a look at you and how you are moving to assess the difficulties you are having. Finally you will discuss a plan as to what input is recommended in order for the physiotherapist to try to help you achieve your aims.

Everyone is different and some people need or want more help from their physiotherapist than others. We understand this and want to get what is right for you.

Advice with independent home exercise / stretching programmes

Independent home exercise and stretching programmes often form part of your treatment. The physiotherapist will do the exercises with you initially and then advise you on what you can continue to do at home to help you progress. They will give you a written exercise sheet as a reminder.

For some people this is perhaps all you need and we are happy to guide you with your home exercise programme to make it as beneficial as possible.

Advice for carers on exercise, stretching and positioning programmes

At times help is needed to carry out home programmes, therefore we are very happy to advise carers on how to assist. A joint session can be arranged in order that we can go through a suitable programme together.

Assistance setting up gym / swimming programmes

Regular exercise is advocated for people with many neurological conditions and some people prefer doing their exercises in a gym setting. Although most gyms have personal trainers they invariably don’t mind a physiotherapist coming along to give advice to help tailor your programme. We are happy to arrange treatment sessions at your local gym in order to do this.

Swimming is the exercise of choice for some people. Dependent on assistance required we can arrange to see you in your local pool to provide either an alternative pool based exercise programme or assist you swimming.

Advice on use and provision of splints and mobility aids

Many people with neurological conditions need the help of splints and mobility aids at some point in their rehabilitation. We can advise you on what is most suitable and if necessary order them for you.

For those people who have been given equipment in the past it can often be helpful to review their use from time to time. Over time alternative splints or aids may be more appropriate and we can advise whether you have the most suitable device or whether an alternative would be preferable.

Saeboglove & Saebostretch

The Saeboglove is a dynamic splint for the hand. It is worn to carry out a series of intensive exercises and day to day tasks in order to retrain the hand and arm after neurological damage. We are happy to assess your suitability for the Saeboglove as well as carry out the fitting once purchased. Thereafter we can tailor your own exercise programme using the Saeboglove and guide your progress without it.

The Saebostretch is a resting splint aimed to help stretch a tight hand. We can assess your suitability for a Saebostretch, assist in fitting and advise on wearing times. Both products would form part of an overall rehabilitation or management plan for your hand and arm.

Home Visits

For enquiries call 0207 737 2612
or email

Clinic appointments

Sometimes it is preferable to be seen in a clinic environment rather than at home. Appointments can be arranged to see Jo Tuckey, Emma Stebbings or Glenn Nielsen at:

Warm Seas House
23 Wellington Road
St John’s Wood
London NW8 9SL

For an appointment call: 0207 404 6343
Or email:

Wheelchair accessible
Drop off area near the entrance
Blue badge holder spaces available until 4pm