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So which PD exercise group is better, face to face or online?

Parkinson’s / 18 September 2022

There is no straight answer to that because there are pros and cons of both types of class, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Face to Face Classes
The benefits of a face to face class are that the class size is usually smaller and the tutor can see more of what you do, so they’re better able to give individual feedback. The programme can take a mixture of formats ie copying the instructor as a whole group, separate circuit stations or exercising in pairs. The benefit of including some separate exercise stations is that the tutor can spend time with each class member, observing what they do and tailoring the exercise to them. It is also possible to use a range of different equipment. And finally, it shouldn’t be forgotten that there is well known benefit from being among other class members facing similar issues and the support that can provide.

The downsides of a face to face class are getting there (how long does it take, what public transport or parking options are available) and cost. Face to face classes usually cost more due to increased tutor fees and venue hire.

Online Classes
The clear benefit of an online class is that the class comes to you! There’s no need for you to travel which saves time and it’s often cheaper than a face to face class.

The downside is that you don’t get the same individual assistance or feedback as you would in a face to face class and the class can only have one format, which is to follow the instructor.

Importantly, it is well documented that exercise is beneficial for people with PD. Therefore, finding a class that enables you to keep motivated and keep exercising regularly is the right one for you!

At North London Neuro Physio we run both online and face to face classes. You can trial either class before deciding if you want join.

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