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I’m back home having recently had a stroke. I’ve been told I need daily physio in order to get better, is that true?

Stroke / 04 October 2022

No, it’s not true! But, to improve physically we absolutely recommend doing some daily exercises.

A physiotherapist with experience treating people post stroke can guide you as to what exercises you should be doing each day. However, they don’t always have to be the one doing them with you. If you are able to exercise by yourself or have a family member, friend or carer who can help you, a physiotherapist can teach you what to do. Therefore, you really only need to see the physio as often as is needed to progress your programme.

However, post stroke people vary hugely in terms of how much physical assistance they need and want, how much they need someone to prompt them and how much support they need to help motivate them. Obviously, everyone also has differing support available. The frequency with which you should see a physiotherapist to help you improve will therefore depend on all these things.

To work out what would be best for you we recommend having an initial assessment. The amount of input can then be discussed and adjusted over time as needed. Importantly the right amount of physio is the amount that helps you to progress.

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